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BACH Working Group

Get Insights: Portfolio of selected economic and financial indicators enabling to easily get a picture of the most recent situation of European non-financial corporations also exploring developments on European business environment and specific topics concerning companies.

  • Outlook #8 (October 2020) - Methodological notes on the economic impact of Covid-19 on European firms
  • Outlook #7 (November 2019) - Technological intensity of industries in European non-financial corporations from 2005 to 2017
  • Outlook #6 (October 2018) - High profitability activities: a review on the concepts of profitability
  • Outlook #5 (December 2017) - Assessment of the transposition into national law of the new European Accounting Guideline 2013
  • Outlook #4 (October 2016) - European non‐financial corporations from 2007 to 2014
  • Outlook #3 (October 2015) - Developments in the Deleveraging Process of European Companies Some Effects on the Asset Side
  • Outlook #2 (October 2014) - Financial Structure and Profitability of European Countries
  • Outlook #1 (October 2013) - SMEs in European countries

You may find the “Get Insights”, the “Outlooks” as well as the “List of external studies based on BACH” available free of charge at the BACH and ERICA website.

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