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BACH Working Group

BACH WG is responsible for the management of the BACH database, which contains aggregated and relatively harmonized accounting related data of non-financial incorporated enterprises for European countries. In particular, the WG is devoted to the maintenance, update and promotion of BACH, as well as to the development of related products. The WG must actively participate in the discussion about the importance and the economic and financial situation of European companies.

You may access the BACH database free of charge at the BACH and ERICA website. Find more information about the BACH database in the Brochure (about database content) and Userguide (about technical insights). Finally, you can also visualize BACH data by accessing this dashboard, a tool that enables the visual presentation of data, helping to identify correlations, trends, outliers, patterns or even missing values in the data. 


To provide comparable and high quality statistics and analysis of non‐financial incorporated enterprises for European countries, which can be relevant for several users and purposes, including researchers, national central banks and other institutions (for macroeconomic analysis and for supporting decision making), companies, and also to credit and financial institutions (in credit risk analysis).

The main tasks of the working group are:

  1. Assess the quality of the database on an ongoing basis;
  2. Continue the harmonization process and identify the main accounting rules differences between countries in order to permit international comparisons;
  3. Improve the quality, coverage and timeliness of the databases.
  4. Produce cross-country comparisons and analyse the behaviour of non-financial incorporated enterprises in terms of performance and financial position;
  5. Update and improve the Userguide.

More details and direct access to the database are available from the Databases page.

The group is composed by representatives from:

  • Banca d'Italia
  • Banco de España (vice-chair)
  • Banco de Portugal  (chair)
  • Banque de France
  • Bank of Greece
  • Banque Nationale de Belgique – Nationale Bank van België
  • Cerved Group spa - Centrale dei Bilanci
  • České Národní Banka
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • European Central Bank
  • Hrvatska Narodna Banka
  • National Bank of Slovakia
  • Narodowy Bank Polski
  • Oesterreichische Nationalbank
  • STATEC - Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
  • Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası