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ERICA Working Group

ERICA WG has published its document: "European non-financial listed groups: Analysis of 2018 data"

The study presents some highlights of European non-financial listed groups, on profitability and financial structure in 2018, as well as financial debt structure and cost of debt. ERICA (European Records of IFRS Consolidated Accounts), is a database, for internal use within the members of ECCBSO, composed of a dataset of around 1,000 European non-financial groups, fully representative of the stock markets of the countries participating in the project (Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey). The data are obtained from publicly available financial statements, having been treated manually, by CBSO statistics and accounting specialists, to be fitted on a standard European format (ERICA format). This manual treatment means, in some cases, the interpretation of the original data, a constraint that readers of this document should bear in mind.